Showing you the world through my eyes

Hi, I'm Emma Willetts, a professional aerial and landscape photographer based in Oamaru, New Zealand.
I started my photography career in 2016 after returning home to New Zealand after a decade travelling the world working on super-yachts.
During my overseas adventures, I was able to take images of amazing places I visited and was inspired to study the craft of photography, eventually making it my full time career.
I have always found the ocean and rivers particularly inspiring, peaceful, yet invigorating, and I set out to capture such landscapes in a way that many could only dream of - a birds eye view.
I also carry out commissions for bespoke, one-off projects, and work closely with my clients to help them select art that reflects their interior design goals and personal style.
Each piece of art in my collections has been chosen to evoke feelings of vibrancy, tranquility, warmth and wanderlust.
I welcome you to come on a journey with me to some of my favourite spots and make those locations yours to treasure and enjoy in your very own print.





 Winner NZGEO Photographer of the year 2020 - Aerial category